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JAMCo Gaming's summer tournament series 2023Watch the VODs on our YouTube!

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The Mild Rift 5v5 tournament - February

Babe's Club 1v1 & 2v2 tournaments

The Babes Club

A community created to uplift women and non-binary players in Wild Rift esports, learn about the game, and grow together as players and friends!The Babes Club Discord server is open to women/non-binary people only.

Upcoming Events

Talent Partner Game Night coming soon!

Past Events

Wild Women Wednesday

Trivia & Custom ARAM Nights



JatMeows is a Twitch streamer and content creator, playing Wild Rift, Valorant, TFT, and recently, Minecraft. A beacon of joy and kindness in the Wild Rift community!


Maisie is a lead for the Babes Club and hopeful streamer. The human embodiment of the support role, she thrives on helping those she believes in to do great things!


Appa is a Twitch streamer and tournament host for NA/LAN. With his great passion for the Wild Rift community and pro scene, there's nothing he can't do!


Chantel is a Twitch streamer and founder of the Babes Club. Their zeal for constant growth and improvement continues to make the Wild Rift Community a better place!

Talent Partners

The wonderful content creators who help JAMCo Gaming grow and nurture the Wild Rift community. Check them out!



Kenn Kaii





Kostas' Void Series Article

KostasWR from The Purge Tournament wrote this amazing piece about JAMCo Gaming's Void Series. Check it out!